About Peoples’ Voice

young filmmaker and her subject review material in SudanPeoples’ Voice is an award-winning participatory film making organisation, which works to democratise the processes of media representation.

Working with otherwise under-represented groups and individuals, Peoples’ Voice hands over the skills of media representation, through a series of ‘parlour-style’ games.

Participatory video is a concept steeped in anthropological map-making – the techniques used cross the boundaries of language, age, physical or mental impairment.

In the years Peoples’ Voice has been running we have worked extensively with asylum groups, orphans and abandonees, young people, young unemployed people, the elderly, disabled groups, victims of conflict, victims of crime, amongst others.

At Peoples’ Voice we believe in putting the people whose stories are being told at the forefront of decisions about the way those stories are told.

Whose stories are they? The Peoples’ Stories. Whose voice should they be told in? The PEOPLES’ VOICE.

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